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Human life is precious and deserving of the respect implied by the Declaration of Human Rights in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.

People with disabilities have the right to live a life free from discrimination. They are entitled to appropriate care, education and training, with adequate scope for the exercising of their abilities and interests. This will be realised through:

  • The extension and improvement of support systems to assist parents or guardians to cope with their obligations

  • The improvement and refinement of all approaches to care, education and training, respecting the rights of the individual

  • The provision of adequate services and facilities to meet their needs

  • The effective training of personnel directly involved in their care and education

  • The development of co-operation and mutual sharing of expertise between the school and other parties working in the field of autism

  • Educating the community to accept them and to take shared responsibility for their care and integrated living

  • Continual research in all related fields

  • The acceptance by government of its role in facilitating the attainment of the above objectives


Vera School, as a resource centre for learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder, is committed to:

  • providing specialized education and facilities for our learners

  • providing continued professional training in this field to our educators with a view to:

  • the continual improvement and maintenance of the quality of the educational services offered, and the broadening and refinement of the pool of expertise at the school

  • supporting and involving parents as partners in caring for and educating our learners

  • sharing information and facilities with the community

  • sharing information and expertise with individuals, other schools and bodies involved in this field

  • contributing to the training of tertiary students in various related disciplines

  • contributing to research projects undertaken by responsible persons or bodies, but without in any way sacrificing our responsibilities with regard to guarding the human rights of our learners and their parents

  • contributing to responsible projects and actions designed to promote within the broad community, including all levels of government, a sympathetic awareness of disabilities in this and related fields and of the needs which should be addressed.

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