Cycle track

In 2010, the cycle track was established at Vera. The track, which takes learners through various sections of the school property, affords a safe, enclosed environment for learning to ride a bicycle. Actual road signs and markings have been incorporated along the route, including warning and information signs, a zebra crossing and a pedestrian light. Learners are also taught to practise safety measures such as wearing a helmet when riding. In this way, they are able to develop functional road safety skills in a protected environment. Bicycles and tricycles of varying sizes are available to ensure that all learners are given the opportunity to develop their cycling skills at whatever level possible.


Exercise is an integral part of the programme at Vera School. It not only contributes to the physical well-being of the learners, but helps to reduce anxiety and offers an appropriate outlet for emotions such as frustration or aggression. In 2016, a gym was established on the school premises, and equipment including stationary bicycles, weights and a punching bag were donated. The gym is mainly intended for use by the senior learners, but is open to the whole school. Gym sessions form a part of the weekly programme and are supervised by teachers and teacher assistants.

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