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Sensory room

The sensory room was established in 2003 and was funded by the National Lottery. New equipment has since been added in 2018. It is intended to be a safe, enclosed space for learners to explore different sensory experiences, and to provide them with the input they need in order to be in an optimal state for learning and interacting. Each individual will have a unique sensory profile and tolerance for the different stimuli, and this needs to be carefully considered when identifying what equipment will be most beneficial for them. Teachers and teacher assistants, therefore, use the sensory room with their learners in consultation with the occupational therapists. Many teachers use it effectively as a sensory ‘time-out’ or ‘time-away’ session if a learner becomes over-stimulated or overwhelmed in the group setting, or as a ‘sensory break’ between activities in the classroom to aid focus and participation. It can also be used for more structured activities to allow for sensory exploration.

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