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Swimming Pool
At Vera School, we prioritize the safety of our students around bodies of water.
Our curriculum includes teaching water safety, using our two swimming pools
as part of the learning program during summer and spring. This is especially
important for children with ASD who may not understand the dangers of being
in or near water, or who may not have had the opportunity to learn water safety
and how to swim. In addition to safety, exposure to the swimming pools allows
for multi-use and enjoyment for our students.


In 2003, the National Lottery generously funded the creation of the Sensory Room and Jacuzzi at Vera School. The Jacuzzi provides multi-sensory input and can have a calming effect on learners with sensory processing difficulties. Additionally, it offers the opportunity to teach self-help skills such as shower, washing and drying hair, hanging up and folding towels, and dressing


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