Co-Curricular Programme

Vera School offers various co-curricular activities to learners during the school day, to support learning skills on their IEDPs. These activities are run by external instructors in collaboration with Vera teachers and teacher assistants. Parents are charged according to the co-curricular activities their children participate in, however, the school also pays a portion of the costs. Parents may opt-out of certain co-curricular activities in consultation with the multi-disciplinary team. Not all classes participate in every activity each week. The following activities are offered at Vera School:


Voluntary Programmes and Services


External organisations offer services to our learners on a voluntary basis during school hours or at the hostel. Not all learners can be accommodated; however, learners are given the opportunity to be exposed to such programmes on a needs basis determined by the multi-disciplinary team involved. Learners rotate to accommodate and allow more learners to be exposed to these programmes. These include:

Virgin Active Gym Class

Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. This is especially true for learners with autism, as they  do not only benefit physically from fitness programs, but exercise has also been found to improve self-regulation, reduce challenging behaviour and reduce high levels of anxiety common in individuals with autism. Virgin Active at Kenilworth Centre kindly supports Vera School in our efforts to provide our learners with opportunities to exercise, by offering a free 30-minute class once a week.  The class incorporates cardio-vascular exercise with basic strength training, and is run by a Virgin Active instructor. 2 groups of 11 learners attend the class on alternating weeks, accompanied at all times by 2 Vera staff members. The classes offered by Virgin Active form part of the broader physical exercise programme offered at Vera School. Please see the section on facilities for further information.