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 What We Do

What We Do


We are a resource centre for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). In this capacity we deliver a specialised service to our enrolled learners and we perform a variety of functions to enlighten and support the community about ASD. We are committed to sharing our expertise. Read more about this in the following pages.

We regard ASD as a neurological and developmental disorder. Our interventions are based on respect for human variety and dedication to understanding the experience of living from the perspective of the individual with autism. It is our duty to inform ourselves about the nature and quality of living with autism for each individual. We explore all possible avenues, most importantly direct association with the learner with autism, to enhance our understanding. Thorough observation across contexts informs our teaching practice. This is a continuous, dynamic process. The role of our professional and support staff as active participants is underscored and examined as variables in the interactive intervention process. We regard all behaviour as communicative expressions. Our efforts to cultivate socially acceptable behaviour, are based on pro-active procedures as far as possible. We do not endorse punitive measures.

We use terminology like autistic, which is not politically correct, as this seems to be preferred by people with autism who have expressed themselves on this issue.

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