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 In House Arrangements

In House Arrangements


In-house arrangements are explained in various manuals obtainable via the school secretary. New staff are required to acquaint themselves with the contents of an elaborate file describing operational processes and procedures. Volunteers are required to read information applicable to them. Likewise, new parents are given relevant documentation to read when their child is enrolled. There are many written policies to inform and guide the Vera family.

The purpose of written, in-house arrangements and policies is to ensure as smooth an operation as possible and to provide clarity and stability to all parties about agreed on practices. There is a process in place of regularly reviewing policies and in-house arrangements are reviewed on a regular basis. Suggestions for improving our efficacy are always welcomed. A suggestion box is available in the school’s reception area. Alternatively suggestions can be forwarded to .


It is compulsory for all learners who are 7 years and old to wear the Vera School official school uniform. Prices more information and the actual school uniform are available from the school’s bursar at .

Classroom arrangements:

All class teachers have general meetings at the start of every school year. Classroom teachers discuss frequently asked questions, the timetable for the year, provide parents with a list of requirements, explain channels of communication, etc.

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