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The hostel consists of three similar units in close proximity. The school principal lives in a separate house on the same premises. The deputy principal serves as the superintendent of the hostel. There are close links between the hostel and the school. The hostel programme is regarded as an extension of the learning programmes of the school.

Three teachers and the hostel superintendent on a rotation basis are responsible for supervising the implementation of the afternoon programme at the hostel. House supervisors and assistants take direct care of learners in their specific units. During the night a surveillance system is in operation and an assistant alternates between the three units a regular basis to ensure that all goes well. Apart from the night assistant, there are 2 supervisors and 1 assistant who sleep in the hostel. These staff members are available to support the night assistant in cases of emergency. The hostel is closed for weekends. Learners can be brought to the hostel from 18:00 on Sunday evenings and reside there until Friday afternoons. There is a visiting hour every Wednesday evening, bar the first week of every term. A regular hostel menu approved by a dietician, is offered. Parents supply food for children that are on a special diet.

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